Monday, February 28, 2011

How to survive an autopsy

"You are the story, and you will turn into a story…" – says Andrej Grammatik. In this story he is the chief forensic of final destination. The all-new drawings of the new bonus story "Autopsy of Death" are in front of you.

Autopsy Of Death - page 9

Here are some sentences from the book of Andrej Grammatik – How to survive an autopsy:
"The only thing that remains after image of death is a story about the image of death..."

The book of Andrej Grammatik – How to survive an autopsy

"Time is an open cadaver in front of us. We can change history, we can substitute any part. Like our bodies, time is lifeless meaning in glass coffin…"

Sketch drawing in watered ink technique and reworked in mixed media
Every day we are closer to the new edition of Kindly Corpses. It's been a while since I worked with Penevski on a comic book (Anatomy Of Sky). This short story (Autopsy of Death) brings us back to life. I wish I had more time for these things, but life often limit us in our intentions. Whoever drew comics knows that it requires heroic work and time.

Comic pages in the work process

At the end, how to survive an autopsy? Just draw a picture of death, and it will keep you alive ... Cheers!


  1. Ivice, odlični su radovi!!!! Oduševili su me oni iz ''Prognanih bića''! Želeo bih da se uključim u neki projekat/ilustrovanje ili nešto slično.. Bavim se slikarstvom, vajarstvom, scenografijom i ilustracijom 11 godina, a imam 24 godine. Uspostavio sam kontakt sa Meseldzijom, a on me je uputio na vas iz Novog Sada. Ja sam iz Sremske Mitrovice. Učio sam kod Jelače na Petrovaradinu i privatnoj školi u SM (ukupno 6 god u ateljeima). Poslao bih preko maila nekoliko svojih radova. Moj mail je

    Milan Kardas