Thursday, November 14, 2013


This blog is still alive! The truth is that I have less and less time to refresh my blog in the right way, but in the future I will try to be more present with new posts... So, to continue with dragons, but this time with the dragons from Serbian mythology. Serbian dragons are slightly different in form and origin than the ordinary generally accepted idea of ​​a dragon.

Illustration #01 / Work process / Watercolor painting / Story Metamorphosis
According to Serbian legend, dragon could arise from several species of animals when they reach a certain age. It could arise from a carp, snake, ram or even the rooster… When carp become too old, then he rise on the wings, out of the water like a dragon. While flying, carp-dragon throwing sparks around him, and that sparks have form of carp’s scales. In some regions carp’s meat was forbidden, because the carp was considered as a sacred animal. 

Illustration #02 / Work process / Watercolor painting / Story Metamorphosis
 Dragons who had horns, was created from a ram. It can be concluded that the Serbian dragon has ability to change through various forms. His appearance is actually a state of metamorphosisAll the illustrations in this post are made ​​for a story about dragons, called "Metamorphosis". This story is in the book Vanished, the last one in a series of Serbian mythology, with the theme of dragons and fairies.

Illustration #03 / Work process / Pen and watered ink / Story Metamorphosis
PDF preview (in Serbian language) of story "Metamorphosis" – HERE!

The book Vanished the last one of Serbian mythology
Dragons are able to have sexual and romantic relationships with beautiful women. Dragon could be invisible, except for the woman he loves. Yes, it seems that the dragons are able to love, as women love them. But the usual image related to these fantastic creatures is: captured maiden and knight who wants to kill the dragon and free the girl ... So, dear knights, don’t kill the dragons, because they do not deserve it... and it is possible that the girl is already in love with a dragon, and don't need to save...