Friday, May 27, 2011

The Synthesis Of Traditional and Digital

In Belgrade this Thursday, starting the first Balkan Illustration Symposium. Lots of good illustrators, lectures, demonstrations... I will also take part of this symposium (on Saturday), and I will demonstrate my illustration technique. This work is a good example for the synthesis of traditional and digital - my presentation theme at the symposium ...

Super Floating Monkey Boy and the Blonde Girl’s Flying Head
Drawing comes from my sketchbook, and when I finished it digitally, I've used for the Parka's drawing contest #5 Super Lame Heroes...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fade To Grey

Continue with the drawings for the new edition of Kindly Corpses... Before I fall to pieces and fade to gray, hear what Andrej Grammatik has to say:

"We are doing our best to give up ownership of our bodies…

Sketch drawing in watered ink technique
…We are consumers  who spend our bodies. Running to buy hip products, we are running out of our bodies… The market puts us under pressure: a new kidney design is in, a new type of the lungs is desirable…"

Andrej Grammatik - Detail of the comic panel
"It is as we coexist with our demons. We are simultaneously on the inside and outside of ourselves. We are free, and we are nowhere..."

Sketch drawing in watered ink technique

The first 34 pages of graphic novel Kindly Corpses in PDF format for free download, you can expect very soon!