Sunday, August 19, 2012


There's something more that could be said about Serbian mythology - a world where this mythology was created and where is almost completely forgotten. Our idea was to revive the Serbian mythology through the original authorial texts and illustrations. The fourth book is preparing. The illustrations are in the working process.

Wolfs face in front of the Black Forest / working process

"The wolf is a guide of souls… At the entrance to the Black Forest wolf is waiting for the souls. No one can enter into the forest, without eyes closed forever."

Vučari (Wolf man) / Watercolor illustrations in the working process phase
"Vučari are comedians similar to clowns dressed in sheep's wool. They mock the wolf wearing his ripped skin filled with straw through the village."

Tree-grave / working process

"Cemeteries are quiet places. Quietest ... People are planting trees and fruit trees at cemeteries, so that the dead could be in the shadows. Then the shadows of the dead can be fed with shadows of trees."

Dead soldier's souls and roadside grave / working process

"For those who die in a foreign land, passengers, rioters, for those who die in wars and souls without bodies – to them the monuments have been raised near roads – empty roadside graves."