Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Corpses that we loved

Finally handmade process is completed. What we do next, is a mixing and digital editing, framing, typing text, etc... Yes, the second edition of Kindly corpses is in final stage. I fear that in this last phase, I will spend a lot of time trying to (re)make a comic book pages better than they are! Here are the first results...

Illustration reworked in mixed media technique (digital collage)
This digital collage is actually a remake of an old illustration done for the first edition of Kindly corpses. I love digital collage as an artistic technique, because using this technique you can get unexpected outcomes. So in this case I got a strange creature in the right part illustration.... Until the end I never know what will happen after the digital mixing.

Sketch drawing in watered ink technique and reworked in Photoshop
The following digital collage is made ​​on the basis of the illustration that was made in ink, pen, brush and white tempera on yellow paper. It's bloated corpse!
"You're bloated dead body, like a bubble of lifeless meat."- Andrej Grammatik

And at the end of this post, one double page - the beginning of the first bonus stories Corpses that we loved in the second edition of Kindly corpses!
 Corpses that we loved / double-page / mixed media technique

Do I have promised the first 34 pages Kindly corpses in PDF format for free? I am, and it will be soon. Be patient!