Monday, October 17, 2011

REBELS – Vampires

Do you remember my first post? Exactly a year ago I started with the presentation of illustrations that I have worked for the book Banished Demons – the edition of Serbian mythology. Then you had the opportunity to meet with unbaptized creatures, dogheads, Grandma horn ... and other strange beings of Serbian mythology. Now is the time to introduce Serbian vampires and witches through illustrations from the book Rebels. As before, beside me on this project as illustrators also participated Dragan Bibin, Duško Beljac, Vanja Todorić I Miloš Vujanović.

Rebels - Vampires and Witches - the book of Serbian mythology
The book Rebels is the third volume, and last in this series.

Illustration for the story Who becomes a vampire?
"Children born in the placenta, when the right time comes, can become vampires"

Illustration # 1, the story Vampire life

"Drowned, suicides, unhappy dead, cursed, those who have died without candles - unfortunate souls above them hangs a dark shadow of vampirism, without their guilt - seem to be almost randomly selected and pushed into the arms of eternal night…"

Illustration # 2, the story Vampire life

"How long is their life after death no one knows. Some say only forty days - the time needed for dead soul to visit regions and beings that loved in life...
Rest is peace, quiet, and dead person is someone who has sunk in that peace, everlasting peace and quiet, without desire, hope and movement. But, there are those dead who can not settle down. They complain, rebel against everything, against life and against death..."

Illustration # 1, the story How to kill a vampire?

"In order to give them peace, people with hawthorns stabbing vampires under their fingernails and the tongue, cut ears, feet and fingers, torn tendon below the knees…"

Illustration # 2, the story How to kill a vampire?

"Is there a safer and more naïve victim than dead man, whose peace is only stored in the hearts of the living? He should still live there, in those hearts that beat, to find peace in them. There and only there is his peace, his real tomb. But warm hearts are the place for something else, something much colder than death…"

Illustration # 3, the story How to kill a vampire?

Next post will be about witches...
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