Monday, September 19, 2011

Kindly PRINTED Corpses

Finally, the Corpses are successfully raised in the form of beautiful printed hardcover books. I must admit that I feared that the book would not look good in print, but when I saw the very first copies I was pleasantly surprised. A small number of printers in Serbia that can provide good quality printed books, especially if the books are hard binding.

Kindly Corpses / B5 format / Hardcover / 160 pages / Full color
You already know that this is a second enlarged edition, and this time the Kindly Corpses shine in the right light ... So, here are a few reviews about this graphic novel:

"Kindly Corpses is, in literary and visual terms, brilliantly postmodern realization of current best Serbian writer Zoran Penevski and ingenious artist Ivica Stevanovic. This graphic novel is able to deal with the best world novels." – Slobodan Ivkov

Height 241 mm / Width 170 mm / Thickness 15 mm / Weight 580 gr
"Kindly Corpses (is) maybe by now, if not most important, then a crucial, extraordinary achievement in production of Serbian comics!" – Branislav Miltojević

Interior views of the book / detail / page 70
This graphic novel will appear at the International Comics Festival in Belgrade, with a promotional price of 12 euros... See you there!

Everyone who wants to buy this graphic novel, and live in Novi Sad, can contact me by mail: