Saturday, January 19, 2013


In Serbia, it is obvious that girls like "Corpses". Why? I'm not quite sure why, but there is something in "Corpses" that attracts them. Maybe kindness? Anyway, the second edition of "Kindly Corpses" is almost sold out, and is mostly bought by the female audience (that confirm some information which we have from the market sales). So, dear girls, thank you!
Kindly Corpses / Third Serbian edition / Hardcover / B5 format / 160 pages
Because the second edition is almost gone, we (our publisher, Zoran and me) decided to publish the third edition of the "Kindly Corpses". According to the circumstances, I made a new cover for the new edition! I think this is the best cover so far that I've done for "Corpses" – YEAH!
Unfinished drawing / possible sketch for the cover

It's been just over a year when the second edition appeared. In the meantime, "Kindly Corpses" appeared on Paul Gravett’s list of The Best Works in 2011: An International Perspective. What an honor for this Serbian graphic novel

"An experimental work, but beautifully drawn and with a coherent story. This is probably the right way for underground comics to win over a wider audience".
PG Tips - The Best of 2011: An International Perspective
Detail of drawing that was done for the cover / Watered ink and pen
And that's not all! For all of those who do not understand Serbian, and they like "Corpses" here's something that will be helpfulPDF preview of the first two chapters in English! Download it HERE and have a good time with first 38 pages of this graphic novel

It is enough for start.

Enjoy it!