Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper testing - in the meantime

I know that I announced a new bonus story sketches for a new edition of Kindly Corpses, but first, here's a drawing that was created as a result of testing the paper texture. Of course, all characters are monsters, again. There will be occasions when I will show you more beautiful and softer side of Edge.

Drawing / Pen and watered ink on texture canvas paper

For an illustrator is very important what kind of paper texture used in illustrating. Paper texture gives a value of brush strokes.

Drawing detail #1

In this case, the paper texture resembles to the texture of canvas.

Drawing detail #2

 The all-new drawings of the new bonus story "Autopsy of Death" very very soon!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kindly Corpses – Resurrection

Almost eight years ago, I had the opportunity to work with Zoran on very important project Kindly Corpses, the first Serbian graphic novel. Zoran had a great story, and I've had enough of drawing talent so we created a comic book that has become a cult issue of Serbian comics, for a short time. This issue is printed in a small number of copies only 500! Now it's time for a brand new edition, with two bonus stories and a gallery full of pictures and illustrations ... Rough basis of the story is: The Government announced new regulations and sanctions pertaining to autopsy, funeral, and commemorative services. The main character in the novel is forensic, which is trying to struggle with a new provision – Death Reforms
Canadian publishing company Speakeasy Comics intended to publish this graphic novel, but broke up in 2006. For purposes of the American edition, the graphic novel Kindly Corpses has been redesigned and expanded with bonus story L. A. Contraversial. Here are some details from this bonus story, including sketches and a few complete frames of comic pages.

Sketch drawing in watered ink technique and reworked in mixed media
Most of my sketches was made in watered ink technique. Usually, sketches such as this example I reworked in collage technique. I often use "ready made" items. 

Watered ink drawing / double-page / L. A. Contraversial
When I painted "Kindly Corpses" eight years ago, I used watercolor. Now it’s much easier for me to paint drawings in Photoshop. I do grayscale drawing, then scan and color processing…

Drawing digitally painted in Photoshop / double-page / L. A. Contraversial

Here, we have an old watercolor illustration that I painted when I studied (1999). For purposes of this graphic novel, I reworked illustration using collage, and breathed a new life…
Watercolor illustration reworked in mixed media technique (collage)

The all-new drawings of the new bonus story "Autopsy of Death" very soon!