Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kindly covered corpses

For the new edition we are needed a new cover. The first edition cover of Kindly corpses were too dark – did not reflect the true spirit of this graphic novel. So it was necessary to change the cover. I have done many covers for various books… But when I need to do covers for my own book, it can be much more complicated job. I did not want to fall into the usual trap – to smash my head that it must be kicking ass cover! I did something very simple and graphically powerful – enough to draw the attention of potential readers, I hope...
Kindly Corpses front cover / Second edition

Then I applied the cover design on 3d model book, and I must admit I liked how they look. Much better than the first edition!

Kindly Corpses / 3D model book

Here are the first ideas for the front cover, but I did not like because there are too many stories in it.

The first version of the cover / sketch drawing / pen and ink

Kindly corpses are completed now. Next phase - printing!
There are many interesting book projects ahead of me. Stay online!
Less talk, more work!