Monday, July 30, 2012


I know, it's been a long time since my last post, but I was pretty busy. Here's a nice occasion for a new post. A few weeks ago I received copies of picture books which I did last year – The Royal Treasure Measure!

The Royal Treasure Measure / Trudy Harris / Millbrook Press / covers
Perfectly printed hardcover book with a jacket, and full color on 32 pages. This is a great story about finding a unique measure, written by Trudy Harris... And the publisher is Millbrook Press (a division of Lerner Publishing Group). 

The Royal Treasure Measure / Trudy Harris / Millbrook Press / inside

Book description – "King Balbazar's kingdom has made a mess of measuring. Curtains are too long, robes are too short, and no one knows how to solve the problem…"
The Royal Treasure Measure / Trudy Harris / Millbrook Press / Royal family
"…People measure length with everything from candlesticks to sausages to spoons. Finally, King Balbazar holds a contest. Who will come up with the winning unit of measurementand what will it be?"

The Royal Treasure Measure / Trudy Harris / Millbrook Press / King and Queen
The book is not yet available, but you can order it through Amazon and Bookdepository. When you have such an inspiring story and a great editor Carol, then you have no other option but to do illustrations, the best you can.

Character's sketches # 1
I drew a lot of kings and queens so far, and as always I tried every time to do different characters from the previous. It is not easy to be constantly original, and launch a fresh and unique characters.

Character's sketches # 2
So I spent some time to sketching the characters and heroes of this wonderful story. There was a lot of different characters - tailors, seamstresses, roofers, builders, knights, noblemen ...

Character's sketches #3
As stated in the imprint, this book I dedicated "to my lovely girls – Katarina and Milica – true measure of my life..." 

Katarina - my most rigorous critic - she looks too serious
That's all for now folks!