Monday, December 31, 2012


I hope you're not too anger - I disappeared for a while, but here I am again at these pages! Here's one fine occasion for the new post. Finally, write a few words about the new book that I illustrated. New novel is Malterego written by Marko Šelić Marcello, the writer and famous Serbian hip-hop artist, (and after this collaboration) my good friend and collaborator in future projects.

Malterego / front cover / publisher: Beoštampa

Few sentences that announce novel:
Pieces of face in the maelstrom of the glowing smoke. The Eye with two pupils. It appears from out of nowhere, and carries the darkness with them Does your anger look like this?
Malterego / interior illustration / digital collage
This is the first book for now - Rubik's chair. There will be two more. It's worth to wait.