Friday, February 11, 2011

Conan – Savage Art Challenge

Two weeks of hard work have passed. Came up was something I could not miss - Competition for Conan illustrations launched by the Croatian publishing house Bookglobe. The publisher is planning to issue a cult comic book series Savage Sword of Conan. This type of fantasy illustration is not my cup of tea, in terms of artistic expression, but since it is a favorite comic book character from my early childhood, I could not resist the challenge. I did a few illustrations, and here they are:

Pen and watered ink drawing
 This illustration is inspired by the episode Devourer of Souls.

Pen and watered ink drawing
Conan and the evil sorcerer who turns into a monster - a very common situation in the Conan series.

Pen and watered ink drawing
Illustration for my favorite episode of Conan Demons of the Firelight. Conan is fighting with the revived corpse of dead warrior.

I had enough time to do a new original logo of the comic series.

drawing digitally colored with Conan logo
Here's preview how it looks when applied a new logo on the cover illustration.

 After drawing, I started to paint digitally using Painter and Photoshop. The first illustration that has been digitally painted is the episode The Road of the Eagle. Behind the back of Conan, sees a huge rock with a variety of niches which represents the graves of green devils - very interesting to illustrate.

 Conan and ice worm – The Lair of the Ice Worm episode

 Angry giant monster attack, but the barbarian does not know fear ...

This post is dedicated to Robert E Howard, John Buscema, Ernie Chan, Alfredo Alcala, Tony deZuniga… and the greatest of all Frank Frazetta.

Finally here's something concrete from the announced bonus story for a new edition of Kindly Corpses

Andrej grammatik - Autopsy of Death