Thursday, May 22, 2014

Edge Art – Spectrum 21 selected

Thanks to my dear Jeff Wandermeer, two of my artwork will appear in Spectrum 21 book, this year in the fall. These are illustrations from Jeff's fabulous Wonderbook (about this book has already been mention on my blog). 

Rabbit Messiah / illustration for Wonderbook / Mixed media

Jeff sent this artwork in my name to Spectrum competition, and respected jury accepted both of my work. So, Bird-leaf and Rabbit Messiah in the new Spectrum (21) – what a pleasure:)

Bird-Leaf / illustration for Wonderbook / Photo digital collage

Saturday, February 1, 2014


There's a fantastic blogPARKA BLOGSfor those who love a good illustration, illustrated books, sketchbooks, graphic novels, interesting art projects... whether you're a fan, an amateur or a professional artist / illustrator. On this blog you can find the stunning picturesque reviews and interviews with artists that can be very helpful.  

Teoh Yi Chie, who runs this fantastic blog, asked me to do an interview about the tools that I use in my artwork. I accepted with pleasure. Here's the link. In the same place, you can find other very interesting interviews of cool artists and peek into their creative worlds...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Sketchbook... Diary of drawings... Collection of madness that comes from illustrator head... Compilation of silly quick sketches, thoughts, ideas, visions... When you take a look in the a sketchbook of illustrators, you can learn a lot about the owner

Sketchbook drawings / Details / Gel ink pen & water brush
My sketchbook is a kind of carnival of weird characters mostly monstrous characters what to do when I like to draw all sorts of creatures. But these creatures are not evil, they are like naughty children run away from nightmare of reality.

Sketchbook drawing / Detail / Gel ink pen & water brush
They make their nightmares, their grotesque worlds where enjoy like in a warm shelter.

Sketchbook drawing / Detail / Gel ink pen & water brush

Here, my creatures jealously lurking until they upset with a new arrival, a new character drawn – weirder than all of them put together. With disbelief they wonder: Who is this new guy? Uglier and scarier than us...

Sketchbook drawings / Details / Gel ink pen & water brush

Does he like to eat children, or just to frighten them? Did he originated from black ink or just a mirage? Perhaps the Creator knows the answer?

Sketchbook drawing / Detail / Gel ink pen & water brush

Hello, Creator, draw me an answer!