Sunday, April 15, 2012


Bookworm is a popular generalization for any insect which supposedly bores through booksas written in Wikipedia.
My good friends Penevski and Pavlic made ​​a short comics about these funny little creatures – bookworms. In our language bookworms are actually (book) moths. The one who reads many books that he practically eating them, he is a bookmoth. A series of short cartoons about bookmoths Pene and Pavlic work for a some time, so that have accumulated enough episodes for one fine printed publication. 

Sketch - unfinished drawing / Bookmoths characters

My friends asked me to draw a few episodes as a guest author in their future collection of short comics Bookmoths - about books and people. Because I have a soft heart, I could not refuse ... I did four stories, so I present two episodes for now (one comic board - one story)…
This episode (Michelangelo's barcode) is about how a book can change your life, whether you read or eat a book.

Bookmoths #2 / Michelangelo's barcode episode

As a kid I read lots of stories and comics about partisan couriers, holders of secret messages written down on paper. In the case that couriers fall into enemy hands (the German soldiers), they have swallowed a secret paper message. So I made the funny situation with a Partisans moths-couriers and Germans moths-soldiers.

Bookmoths #3 / Paper trembling as book burning episode

Keep your books from bookmoths, if you care about them. And if you worry about silly little moths, then you constantly enrich your library. A good book is good food, whether it is for soul or stomach:)