Monday, February 13, 2012

FRANKENSTEIN – a story about unrequited love

I remember when I first entered in a public library, in Nis (City where I was born, and spent the best days of my childhood), with the intention to rent horror genre books. I was ten years old, and the first book that I rented was a Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Promo Art Valentine's Day for U. S. clients
At home, I lay down in bed and impatiently began to read. And ... WOW! This was completely different than I expected. This was not Frankenstein like stitched monster from the old American movies. Although this was a big surprise for me, I was not disappointed, but on the contraryI really liked the book. Novel was a different, unexpected, at moments very poetic and emotional.

One of my old illustrations - recently re-designed

At the end, I realized that Frankenstein is a story about unrequited love. Yes, this is a novel from the period of Romanticism, with gothic and science fiction elements. The idea of reviving the corpse with electricity comes from the theory of Galvanism.
So, if you plan to create your own monsters, then be prepared to love them as they are.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Old man and the giants

Here's something that came out from the project where I was involved as an illustrator. But only for a short time. It is a Serbian fairy tales project. The project designed by the same model as the RebelsVampires and Witches  and Banished Demons, including several hired illustrators.
Anyone who know well Serbian tales, knows that these are very authentic and fantastic stories. Very inspiring to illustrate. I’m supposed to illustrate the story "How the old man tricked the giants." I began my work, and the first thing that I drew was a sketches of giants characters.

Giants characters from my sketchbook

There are eight giants in the story, so I wanted to give every giant specific characterappearance. I decided to do a big double-page composition of an old man and giants in the cave. I started to draw this complex illustration, using the usual techniquewatered ink and pen

Old man and giants in the cave / double-page illustration / unfinished
And when I was almost finished, I received a contract from the publisher. The contract did not provide royalties for the future publications. So I refused to participate further, because I think it's fair to include royalties for this type of publications which have universal national character.

Old man and giants in the cave / detail

To other illustrators such agreement is acceptable, so in the end I remained a rebel with or without good reason. At least, I’m richer for an old man and eight giants..;)