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Dragons! Yes – undying inspiration and a constant theme in the paintings of many illustrators. As you'll see in this post, I did not resist the dragons. It is obvious to draw dragons is a lot of fun. I think there is no mythical creature that is drawn so many times as a dragon. In fact, we can follow the history of illustration / art through examples of drawn dragons. Each illustrator draws a dragon on its way, and there are many illustrators in the world, which means - it's a lot of different dragons!

Last ones in the series of dragons that I did, they are made for my USA clients, for promotional purposes. Two cute dragons as promo art for the U.S. publishers of children's books.
Dragons / Promo Art for U.S. publishers of children's books / 2013

If you peek in my sketchbook, you can always find a few dragons… 
Dragons from my sketchbook

I recently dug up some old works with dragons, from 2001. These are watercolor drawings of dragons.
Dragons / Watercolor drawing / 2001
At one of the drawings there is a little boy who is standing against the dragon. The little knight is very reminiscent of Harry Potter, but that year when the drawing was made, I did not know anything about Harry. 
Dragons and The Little Knight / Watercolor drawing / 2001

In 2004, I studied Demonology as an alternative aesthetic. It was my master thesis at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. At that time, I created a series of dragons under the influence of medieval engravings and prints of Renaissance German engravers like Albrecht Durer - my favorite
Dragons / Lexicon of Art Legions / 2004 - 2005

Soon, these dragons appeared in the book Lexicon of Art Legions.
Dragon Mimezisa / Lexicon of Art Legions / 2004 - 2005

And of course, in the end, here's the inevitable dragon from Tolkien's world, from The Hobbit – Smaug…  
Dragon Smaug / Watered ink and pen / 2008
Love dragons, and beware of the fire!

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  1. Yours Smaug is verry famous and popular. My favorite dragon. Excellent job. Regards.