Sunday, September 30, 2012

Am I evil? - Asked Dr Jekyll. Yes, I am! - Answered Mr Hyde

One of the most famous stories about the personality divided on good and evil, is a The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hydenovella that became the universal symbol of a well-known split personality concept. There are many films based on Jekyll and Hyde book. A lot of the authors gave a visual version of this story. So here's mine. I got an offer from domestic publisher Makondo to illustrate Serbian edition of the cult novel.

Mr Hyde / Sketchbook drawing / 2012

I was not sure which the technique I will use in making illustrations. Each project, and the character of the project pushed me in some direction. In this case, a digital photo collage proved to be the most ideal technique to illustrate. 

Mr Hyde / Digital photo collage / 2012
This technique gives a very interesting and specific atmosphere in illustration – an atmosphere that you can not get if you use any of the standard drawing techniques.

Mr Hyde / Mixed media drawing / 2001
More than ten years ago I did a series of drawings Mister Hyde, not knowing that I'll be able to really illustrate Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in the future. Well, the future is now.

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