Sunday, December 11, 2011

REBELS – Witches

"Today, most people imagine witches as ugly and old women. Demonic masks with toothless mouth, a long, hooked nose and at least one large nipple from which sticks out a few hairs"
Illustration for a story They are from ancient times
"Witches come from ancient times, when death was not death, and when the living and the dead lived together… For these creatures boundaries between worlds was porousin the space, border was marked with grave, and the time with sunset."

 Illustration # 1 / story Remedy against the witches
"They say that God is powerful because He is the knower of all names. From Him the name can not be hide. But from the people and witches can"

Illustration # 2 / story Remedy against the witches
"The terrible names are welcome against a witch. If witches were already cracked down on someone's house, then the boy should be named Vuk (Wolf), and girl Vukosava or Vukana, because the witches are afraid of the wolf and not attack him."


  1. Really like the mood in these pictures. Wonderful job!

  2. hi, i want to know if these two books are available in english? I would love to buy them! thanks!

  3. I appreciate your imagination...breathtaking! I would love a print, stumbled across this looking for art 4 new home & the dark side inspires me to embrace difference. Thank you