Friday, December 23, 2011

Chinese Meteorology

About a few weeks, I received a strange copy of the book Meteorology. I was surprised because the book is in Chinese! This book I illustrated a few years ago (actually in 2009.), for the local publisher Creative Center. A Chinese publisher bought the rights for the series Find out and try, that contains mentioned book - Meteorology

Meteorology – Serbian and Chinese editions

From now, the Chinese kids will have a chance to enjoy in my illustrations. I wonder how they translated the text in a balloons, because the illustrations full of comic dialogue, and I’m the author of all comic dialogue that appear in the illustrations.

My most rigorous critic – Katarina she likes Chinese version of the book
Editors from Creative center had a few complaints, so there was censoring some balloon text and image content.

Here are a few fun examples of censorship:

The first censored illustration in the book - Amish and tornado
This is the first illustration in the book. My original idea was that the characters are Amish (it is mentioned explicitly in a footnote of illustration) Jakob says that as soon as possible he bought a TV to watch the weather, despite the fact that the Amish do not use electronic devices, and other "evil things" of modern technology. Editors did not want to explicitly say that the characters are Amish, but looking at the illustration, it is obvious...

Totally rejected illustration – Charles Fort and falls of frogs

Another fun example of censorship is the illustration with falls of frogs. Author of the book is not like this idea, as well as illustration of Charles Fort, a famous researcher into weird events. This illustration is totally rejected.

Illustrative allusion to the TV soap series Wounded Eagle
The third illustration example is actually an allusion to one domestic (Serbian) idiotic TV soap novel - Wounded Eagle - totally crap that was broadcast on Serbian national television. Author of the book – Nedeljko Todorovic – he recognized my intention, and the characters name from shitty series, was rejected from the dialogue of this illustration… unfortunately…

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