Thursday, December 23, 2010

Steampunk Reloaded

A few weeks ago I got the book Steampunk Reloaded. This is one of many books edited by fantastic Vandermeer couple (Ann and Jeff), and I ‘m honored that can be part of such projects. There are two of my illustrations in the book.

A Secret History of Steampunk / 362 page / Illustration of crazed inventor

A Secret History of Steampunk / 373 page / The inventor much changed...
Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded is an anthology of 23 stories published by Tachyon Publications.

Drawing / pen and watered ink – digitally textured

Demon Bestiarium – background story

Illustration / mixed media / photoshop 5.5
This illustration was actually planned for my art book project  Lexicon of Art Legions (my master work on Academy of Arts in Novi Sad – Demonology as an alternative aesthetics). A great text for this Lexicon wrote my friend Zoran Penevski, and the book was conceived as a modern bestiary. “Bestiaries are free interpretations that do not have their natural role models. They are abstract type catalogs…”

Sketch / Pencil. pen and watered ink
Illustration of demon Bestiarium remained unpublished until now. Now you have the opportunity to see the sketch and the finished color illustration.

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