Sunday, March 18, 2012

BANISHED CREATURES - three translated stories

Many people ask me: Are the books of Serbian mythology available in English? I must say – not yet, unfortunately... BUT, we have translated three stories from Banished Creatures book, as the examples that we used to find potential publishers outside our country. We have two interested publishers, for now - one from Germany and another from France. I hope that in a future time we find a publisher from England or America, who would be willing to publish this books of Serbian mythology. Until that happens, you have the opportunity to read three stories in English. 
PDF sample (3,62 MB) can be downloaded HERE!

PROMO samples – three translated stories in English

Illustrations note:
1) Helpful Household Spirit – illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic
2) Talason – illustrated by Vanja Todoric
3) Baba Roga – illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic

Baba Roga / Unfinished drawings / Pen and watered ink

1) Translator’s note: Baba Roga is comprised of two words: baba (meaning old woman or grandmother) and rog (meaning horn). Therefore, the name Baba Roga can be translated as ‘horned old woman/grandmother’.
2) Translator’s note: These names can be translated into English respectively as old woman’s peak, old woman’s head, old woman’s hill, old woman’s tooth, old woman’s field, old woman’s lake, and old woman’s oak.


  1. Ovo je sjajno, gde moze da se nabavi srpska verzija?

  2. Thank you so much for providing these translations. They are absolutely wonderful and go beautifully with your stunning illustrations! I hope you find a publisher soon.

  3. Have you found an English language publisher yet? I would love to buy a copy!

    1. Not yet. But if we fail to convince the publishers,I think we will make our English version of the book and sell online. Be a little patient. Thank you for your desire to have this book!

  4. where can I buy pictures made by you , I really love the pictures with wolves and werewolves

    1. Actually, you can contact me at my email - - and I'll send you a catalog with prices. I sell originals and digital prints... Thanks for your interest in my art.
      All the Best,

  5. I would just like to add another wish that you find an English publisher soon! And also that I would definitely buy an online translation if you decide to go that route. :) Very lovely illustrations, and I love learning about mythology!

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