Monday, February 13, 2012

FRANKENSTEIN – a story about unrequited love

I remember when I first entered in a public library, in Nis (City where I was born, and spent the best days of my childhood), with the intention to rent horror genre books. I was ten years old, and the first book that I rented was a Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

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At home, I lay down in bed and impatiently began to read. And ... WOW! This was completely different than I expected. This was not Frankenstein like stitched monster from the old American movies. Although this was a big surprise for me, I was not disappointed, but on the contraryI really liked the book. Novel was a different, unexpected, at moments very poetic and emotional.

One of my old illustrations - recently re-designed

At the end, I realized that Frankenstein is a story about unrequited love. Yes, this is a novel from the period of Romanticism, with gothic and science fiction elements. The idea of reviving the corpse with electricity comes from the theory of Galvanism.
So, if you plan to create your own monsters, then be prepared to love them as they are.