Thursday, May 22, 2014

Edge Art – Spectrum 21 selected

Thanks to my dear Jeff Wandermeer, two of my artwork will appear in Spectrum 21 book, this year in the fall. These are illustrations from Jeff's fabulous Wonderbook (about this book has already been mention on my blog). 

Rabbit Messiah / illustration for Wonderbook / Mixed media

Jeff sent this artwork in my name to Spectrum competition, and respected jury accepted both of my work. So, Bird-leaf and Rabbit Messiah in the new Spectrum (21) – what a pleasure:)

Bird-Leaf / illustration for Wonderbook / Photo digital collage

Saturday, February 1, 2014


There's a fantastic blogPARKA BLOGSfor those who love a good illustration, illustrated books, sketchbooks, graphic novels, interesting art projects... whether you're a fan, an amateur or a professional artist / illustrator. On this blog you can find the stunning picturesque reviews and interviews with artists that can be very helpful.  

Teoh Yi Chie, who runs this fantastic blog, asked me to do an interview about the tools that I use in my artwork. I accepted with pleasure. Here's the link. In the same place, you can find other very interesting interviews of cool artists and peek into their creative worlds...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Sketchbook... Diary of drawings... Collection of madness that comes from illustrator head... Compilation of silly quick sketches, thoughts, ideas, visions... When you take a look in the a sketchbook of illustrators, you can learn a lot about the owner

Sketchbook drawings / Details / Gel ink pen & water brush
My sketchbook is a kind of carnival of weird characters mostly monstrous characters what to do when I like to draw all sorts of creatures. But these creatures are not evil, they are like naughty children run away from nightmare of reality.

Sketchbook drawing / Detail / Gel ink pen & water brush
They make their nightmares, their grotesque worlds where enjoy like in a warm shelter.

Sketchbook drawing / Detail / Gel ink pen & water brush

Here, my creatures jealously lurking until they upset with a new arrival, a new character drawn – weirder than all of them put together. With disbelief they wonder: Who is this new guy? Uglier and scarier than us...

Sketchbook drawings / Details / Gel ink pen & water brush

Does he like to eat children, or just to frighten them? Did he originated from black ink or just a mirage? Perhaps the Creator knows the answer?

Sketchbook drawing / Detail / Gel ink pen & water brush

Hello, Creator, draw me an answer!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It's time for Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction. This is the third book project of Jeff Vandermeer where I participate with my illustrations. Jeff and his wife Ann are doing fantastic projects/books and I’m very honored to be a part of these projects.

WONDERBOOK / Bird-Leaf / Chapter 6: Worldbuilding / Page 23

Wonderbook is the first fully illustrated creative writing guide, with over 200 full-color images, and is meant to be of use to any beginning or intermediate fiction writer–although it should be of use for all creatives and anyone who wants to recharge their imagination.” (

 There Lies the Strangling Fruit / Chapter 1: Inspiration and the Creative Life
List of participants who collaborated on this book is impressive, and it's nice to be in such creative company...

“This all-new definitive guide to writing imaginative fiction takes a completely novel approach and fully exploits the visual nature of fantasy through original drawings, maps, renderings, and exercises to create a spectacularly beautiful and inspiring object…” (

Babylon City / Chapter 5: Characterization / Page 189

“This is the kind of book you leave sitting out for all to see... and the kind of book you will find yourself picking up again and again.” – Kirkus Reviews online 

Rabbit God / Drawing / Pen and Watered Ink
Very nice interview with Jeff on this book can be found HERE – (Barnes and Noble Review) – Enjoy!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


This blog is still alive! The truth is that I have less and less time to refresh my blog in the right way, but in the future I will try to be more present with new posts... So, to continue with dragons, but this time with the dragons from Serbian mythology. Serbian dragons are slightly different in form and origin than the ordinary generally accepted idea of ​​a dragon.

Illustration #01 / Work process / Watercolor painting / Story Metamorphosis
According to Serbian legend, dragon could arise from several species of animals when they reach a certain age. It could arise from a carp, snake, ram or even the rooster… When carp become too old, then he rise on the wings, out of the water like a dragon. While flying, carp-dragon throwing sparks around him, and that sparks have form of carp’s scales. In some regions carp’s meat was forbidden, because the carp was considered as a sacred animal. 

Illustration #02 / Work process / Watercolor painting / Story Metamorphosis
 Dragons who had horns, was created from a ram. It can be concluded that the Serbian dragon has ability to change through various forms. His appearance is actually a state of metamorphosisAll the illustrations in this post are made ​​for a story about dragons, called "Metamorphosis". This story is in the book Vanished, the last one in a series of Serbian mythology, with the theme of dragons and fairies.

Illustration #03 / Work process / Pen and watered ink / Story Metamorphosis
PDF preview (in Serbian language) of story "Metamorphosis" – HERE!

The book Vanished the last one of Serbian mythology
Dragons are able to have sexual and romantic relationships with beautiful women. Dragon could be invisible, except for the woman he loves. Yes, it seems that the dragons are able to love, as women love them. But the usual image related to these fantastic creatures is: captured maiden and knight who wants to kill the dragon and free the girl ... So, dear knights, don’t kill the dragons, because they do not deserve it... and it is possible that the girl is already in love with a dragon, and don't need to save... 

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Dragons! Yes – undying inspiration and a constant theme in the paintings of many illustrators. As you'll see in this post, I did not resist the dragons. It is obvious to draw dragons is a lot of fun. I think there is no mythical creature that is drawn so many times as a dragon. In fact, we can follow the history of illustration / art through examples of drawn dragons. Each illustrator draws a dragon on its way, and there are many illustrators in the world, which means - it's a lot of different dragons!

Last ones in the series of dragons that I did, they are made for my USA clients, for promotional purposes. Two cute dragons as promo art for the U.S. publishers of children's books.
Dragons / Promo Art for U.S. publishers of children's books / 2013

If you peek in my sketchbook, you can always find a few dragons… 
Dragons from my sketchbook

I recently dug up some old works with dragons, from 2001. These are watercolor drawings of dragons.
Dragons / Watercolor drawing / 2001
At one of the drawings there is a little boy who is standing against the dragon. The little knight is very reminiscent of Harry Potter, but that year when the drawing was made, I did not know anything about Harry. 
Dragons and The Little Knight / Watercolor drawing / 2001

In 2004, I studied Demonology as an alternative aesthetic. It was my master thesis at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. At that time, I created a series of dragons under the influence of medieval engravings and prints of Renaissance German engravers like Albrecht Durer - my favorite
Dragons / Lexicon of Art Legions / 2004 - 2005

Soon, these dragons appeared in the book Lexicon of Art Legions.
Dragon Mimezisa / Lexicon of Art Legions / 2004 - 2005

And of course, in the end, here's the inevitable dragon from Tolkien's world, from The Hobbit – Smaug…  
Dragon Smaug / Watered ink and pen / 2008
Love dragons, and beware of the fire!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


A few days ago I received good news from Jackie Miles:
“Dear Ivica;
This year’s Spectrum jury (consisting of Tim Bruckner, Irene Gallo, Tim Kirk, Mark A. Nelson, and Michael R. Whelan) has selected your art for inclusion in Spectrum20: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

What's happening to me? - The main protagonist of KC
 …The names of your selected works:
   1) Kindly Corpses - winged figure in black robe
   2) Kindly Corpses - Skull figure with hourglass and flowers and nude woman…”

So, let's be reminded how they look these two pieces. Both drawings are from the last story in the comic book - Autopsy of Death.

In the meantime, we printed a third edition of Kindly Corpses, in Serbia. It's a miracle that we have come to the third edition in these unfortunate economic circumstances, especially in our country.

Third Serbian edition od Kindly Corpses / Drawing dedication to one of the fans
"This is mine and only mine!" – Katarina, biggest fan of KC
For those who have not had opportunity to find out more about this graphic novel, here are links that can be helpful.
Download link – first two chapters in PDF format (ENGLISH language version): HERE
Download link – first two chapters in PDF format (Serbian language version): HERE
Enjoy and beware!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


In Serbia, it is obvious that girls like "Corpses". Why? I'm not quite sure why, but there is something in "Corpses" that attracts them. Maybe kindness? Anyway, the second edition of "Kindly Corpses" is almost sold out, and is mostly bought by the female audience (that confirm some information which we have from the market sales). So, dear girls, thank you!
Kindly Corpses / Third Serbian edition / Hardcover / B5 format / 160 pages
Because the second edition is almost gone, we (our publisher, Zoran and me) decided to publish the third edition of the "Kindly Corpses". According to the circumstances, I made a new cover for the new edition! I think this is the best cover so far that I've done for "Corpses" – YEAH!
Unfinished drawing / possible sketch for the cover

It's been just over a year when the second edition appeared. In the meantime, "Kindly Corpses" appeared on Paul Gravett’s list of The Best Works in 2011: An International Perspective. What an honor for this Serbian graphic novel

"An experimental work, but beautifully drawn and with a coherent story. This is probably the right way for underground comics to win over a wider audience".
PG Tips - The Best of 2011: An International Perspective
Detail of drawing that was done for the cover / Watered ink and pen
And that's not all! For all of those who do not understand Serbian, and they like "Corpses" here's something that will be helpfulPDF preview of the first two chapters in English! Download it HERE and have a good time with first 38 pages of this graphic novel

It is enough for start.

Enjoy it!