Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper testing - in the meantime

I know that I announced a new bonus story sketches for a new edition of Kindly Corpses, but first, here's a drawing that was created as a result of testing the paper texture. Of course, all characters are monsters, again. There will be occasions when I will show you more beautiful and softer side of Edge.

Drawing / Pen and watered ink on texture canvas paper

For an illustrator is very important what kind of paper texture used in illustrating. Paper texture gives a value of brush strokes.

Drawing detail #1

In this case, the paper texture resembles to the texture of canvas.

Drawing detail #2

 The all-new drawings of the new bonus story "Autopsy of Death" very very soon!


  1. Super blogic, i kamara talenta.


  2. u super je ovo testiranje papira,a i papir je dobar:)

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